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Collection of interesting questions about human impacts in the Amazon environment.

Amazon Environment Teaser #2 – The Amazon rain forest is a source for how many tons of carbon?

Question: The Amazon forest biomass is a source for how many tons of carbon?

Answer Choices:

A) 5 billion

B) 10 billion

C) 50 billion

D) 100 billion

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Amazon Environment Teaser #1 – What was the rate of forest loss in the Amazon per year between 1990 and 2000?

Question: Between 1990 and 2000, what was the average rate (mi²/yr.) of total forest area loss in the Amazon?

Answer Choices:

A) -5,907 mi²/yr.

B) -8,455 mi²/yr.

C) -11,008 mi²/yr.

D) -13,343 mi²/yr.

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