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Collection of interesting questions about Amazon animals and plants.

Amazon Biodiversity Teaser #3 – What type of animal could have an impact on the diversity of the Amazon rain forest?

Question: Which type of animal could have an ecological impact on the abundance and diversity of the Amazon rain forest?

Answer Choices:

A) Fish

B) Snakes

C) Frogs

D) Butterflies

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Amazon Biodiversity Teaser #2 – What percentage of all known species live in the Amazon Basin?

Question: The Amazon Basin contains what percentage of known species (plants and animals) on Earth?

Answer Choices:

A) 1%

B) 10%

C) 20%

D) 45%

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Amazon Biodiversity Teaser #1 – Marine animals in the Amazon River

Amazon Biodiversity Teaser #1

Question: Which two groups of marine animals also have freshwater species living in the Amazon River?

Answer choices:

A)     Octopi

B)     Stingray

C)     Sharks

D)     Dolphins

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