Amazon Geography Teaser #4 – Answer

Question: The Amazon rainforest is roughly the same size in area as which of the following?

Answer Choices: A) Contiguous United States B) India C) China D) Australia


Correct Answer: A) Contiguous United States

Summary: The Amazon rainforest is an amazing natural feature. The 3,130,386 square miles of total rainforest in the Amazon make up a staggering 54% of the planet’s remaining tropical rainforests. The Amazon Basin occupies roughly 40% of South America and would cover a little more than the entire contiguous United States, about 3,119,819 square miles. Within the dense forests and through the flowing rivers of the region many inhabitants thrive on the lush tropical jungle. The Amazon is home to thousands of species of plants and animals. It is also the home to a multitude of indigenous and ethnic groups. There is an obvious link between the well-being of the Amazon to the well-being of the Earth as a whole and its continued protection is necessary.

Area of the Amazon Basin (shaded green) in relation to the contiguous United States (black outline) at roughly the same scale*

Source: World Wildlife Fund; Amazon: World’s largest tropical rain forest and river basin;
U.S. Census Bureau; USA Data Facts;

*Map was self-created with two separate maps from GoogleMaps and WorldAtlas


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