Amazon Geography Teaser #2 – Answer

Question: Traveling sailors could drink the Amazon’s fresh water before they could even see South America. Can you guess how many miles off coast this was?

Answer choices: A) 10 miles B) 50 miles C) 125 miles D) 1,000 miles

Correct Answer: C) 125 miles

Summary: Explorers, sailors, and other adventurers traveling to the eastern coast of South America would reach a point where the ocean water would transition into pure fresh water. This occurred about 125 miles from the many mouths of the Amazon River. The river releases water at a force of 55 million gallons per second and drains an area about the size of the United States. It is also eleven times as voluminous as the Mississippi River.

See photo of Amazon fresh water mixing with sea

Source: Monga Bay, Rhett Butler


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